Picture My Card™
The Perfect Product for Card Personalization

Picture My Card™ is the perfect solution to help grow your card portfolios and usage by allowing your card holders to personalize their cards.

Whether you offer instant issue or use a card fulfillment center, we can deliver. Our PMC Agent software provides staff with the tools needed to process submitted images. Worried about the image review & approval? We have a solution for that as well!

Our program was developed to be simple to use and easy to implement. Your card holders visit a website or use the mobile application, follow the instructions and the website does the rest. This secure, web based program can be customized to seamlessly fit the current look & feel of your website and is affordable for any asset size.

Design One Creative also provides an API for image retrieval. Consult your card fulfillment center for verification so they can utilize this process.

Make it yours!

PMC is completely customizable to match the look and feel of your financial institution brand.

We have options.

Whether your data is on your computer, stored in the cloud using Dropbox® and OneDrive®, or from your favorite photo sharing site like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and Instagram, Picture My Card™ has built-in integration allowing many different photo sources.

Picture My Card Mobile™
Personalization for iOS and Android Devices

Introducing Picture My Card™ PMC Mobile, Card personalization for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android device. Personalizing just got easier with the Design One Creative PMC Mobile app. PMC Mobile allows card users to personalize and submit a photo directly from their Android or iOS device. Try it for free on the Android Market or Apple App Store.

PMC Mobile allows for your card holders to select a photo, crop it, and upload it to Picture My Card™ from their mobile device.

Requirements: Android Version 2.2+, iOS Version 6.0+

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